KV 35 Diagrams

Above is a diagram of KV 35, with the areas in which mummies were found indicated in red. Loret found a battered mummy (later known simply as "the mummy in the boat") in antechamber "F." Amenhotep II rested in his sarcophagus in burial chamber "J." Chamber "c" contained a group of three un-coffined mummies. One has been identified as Tiyi, wife of Amenhotep III. DNA testing in 2010 indicated that another mummy from this chamber (the "Younger Lady,") is Tutankhamen's mother. The third mummy found in chamber "c" (the "Unidentified Boy,") is believed by some to be Prince Webensenu, the brother of Tuthmosis IV. Side chamber "b" off the burial chamber contained a cache of royal mummies. Below is C. N. Reeves' diagram of the positions in which the royal mummies were found. (Diagram above is modified version of the one appearing in John Romer's Valley of the Kings (William Morrow and Co. Inc., 1981), 169. The diagram of side chamber "Jb" is from C. N. Reeves' Valley of the Kings; the Decline of a Royal Necropolis (Kegan Paul International, 1990), 197.)